Scroll down to choose your rental plan. Note: Please ignore the dates. Your rental date will be set manually later. Minimum initial rental period is 1 month (30 days).
1. Add your monthly plan in the Online Reservation and create an account.  
Ignore the dates when adding a reservation. The actual rental dates will be chosen manually once a system has been assigned
If having the system shipped, please provide the shipping address when creating the account.
Note: You can always access your account throughout your rental period to view payments, due date and download invoices.

2. Sign the required paperwork. Once a reservation has been made, you'll be prompted to sign a Contract and Consent Form. Please do so. We cannot process your reservation until we have this in place. Make sure to also fill out a Consent Form for each person training. 

3. Receive an email from your Rental Manager, Sara, Kate or Alison when to expect your system.

4. The following business day, your Rental Manager rents out a system, payment will be processed and you'll a notifications  via FedEx of delivery date (shipment takes 3-4 business days within U.S. and 5-7 business days to Canada). If picking up the unit, your rental manager will email to arrange pick-up times.

5. Start training! Read the manual that came with the system. Please allow time for your first session to get familiar with the equipment. Fill out the Checklist Form to track your progress (it is recommended to fill this form out every 8-10 sessions to compare). Need further help? Watch our set-up videos and support page here

6. At the end of your rental cycle: You'll receive automatic email alert one week before your rental cycle ends. Didn't finish all your sessions? We recommend extending another two weeks or an additional month. Sessions rollover to the next rental period.  If you want to extend, reach out to your Rental Manager. Downgrade or upgrade your plan is also available after your initial month.

7. Finished training? Ship back the equipment (please reuse the packaging materials and affix the included return label). Ship back all the equipment including the remaining paste, the day after your rental cycle's due date. If the system was picked up locally, please arrange delivery with your rental manager. If you enjoyed your experience,  we'd appreciate a testimonial. Click here to review us online and get $50 off next time you rent. To learn the pricing on buying a machine, see this page, (our renters receive $100 refund if buying a system via Neurofeedback Training Co.).

Monthly & Two-Week Plans & Pricing:

PERSONAL TRAINER PLAN: *$600/month (10 sessions) or *$300/2 weeks (5 sessions)
FAMILY TRAINER PLAN: *$800/month (20 sessions) or *$400/2 weeks (10 sessions)
UNLIMITED TRAINER PLAN: *$900/month or $450/2 weeks (unlimited sessions)

* Plus sales tax (NY, CA & CO). Two week rental plan is only available after the initial rental month. If exceeding sessions on the Personal and Family Trainer plan additional sessions will be billed at $25 upon return. Shipment is not included in price and billed separately (flat-rate within U.S. $75 (includes return shipment); or one-way local delivery (NY & LA) $35; or $100 one-way to Canada. 

View Our Renting Guide: Read a Q&A >

Need extra help? Reach out to your Rental Manager or use Chat Widget in lower right corner on our website.